The Reality of...

Hackety Hack was not written in seclusion for my imaginary friends. It was written with the help of fifty budding hackers who I personally mentored. Most had tried to program, but had failed to catch on. Some wanted to teach their kids.

So, I tried to teach them to program exciting things as quick as can be. And they let me know if, indeed, each lesson was exciting. And if it was quick. It made a huge difference!

I've been having loads of fun with Hackety Hack.

... in the 3 or 4 years I've been playing with programming, this is the first time where I actually feel that if someone told me to sit down and write a program, I could do it.
— Mitch J.

My 12-year-old is completely stoked.

And so am I — thanks!
— Dieter R.
This is good stuff. I really wish I had it when I was starting out.
— Donovan M.

I'm really enjoying these lessons.

— Will S.

110% badassery.

— Chris G.
Overall: _why, I'm very pleased and excited at how this is going. Without getting too high-pitched-cheerleader on you (too late),

it is delightful to watch the dramatic share-ology of HH unfold.

— Eli B.
Hackety Hack — a digital parallel to the work of Piaget?
— Brian D.

The cheatsheet and help are awesome!!

— DJ