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Hey, Wow, Real Kids are Learning!

Our 8th grader reporting in: did Lesson Four in about 10 minutes but kept hacking for another 20 minutes. Today, video games lost the battle with Ruby. Unprecedented!
— Brian D., Read on...


One of Hackety Hack's sincere pledges is to make the most common code very easy and short. Downloading an MP3 should be one line of code. A blog should be very few.

For example, our sample blog:

blog = Table("MyBlog").recent(10) {
  blog.each do |entry|
    title entry[:title]
    puts entry[:editbox]


Presently, Ruby is the only language taught by Hackety Hack. And it's a great one to start with. Ruby was born in Japan, but has found a wealth of friends across the world. As you can see above, Ruby is a combination of simple words and punctuation.


In the 1980s, a language called BASIC swept the countryside. It was a language beginners could use to make their computer speak, play music. You could easily draw a big smiley face or a panda or whatever you like! But not just BASIC. Other languages like: LOGO and Pascal were right there on many computers. Tatuagem Lisboa

In this century, you may have dozens of programming languages lurking on your machine. But how to use them?? A fundamental secret! Well, no more. We cannot stand for that. Hackety Hack will not stand to have you in the dark!!


You'll need to have Microsoft Windows (either XP or Vista will do fine) in order to run Hackety Hack. We're working on OSX and Linux support, but I wanted to reach out to the largest part of the world's population first. Sorry if you're stranded, we're coming!

Download v1.0 for Windows
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